Title of project

“A project for the development and implementation of a specific MediaHospital® platform for Parkinson’s disease in FERB".

Background and analysis of needs

Parkinson's disease is the most common neurodegenerative disorder after Alzheimer's disease.
It generally has an incidence rate of 1.5 to 2 times higher in men than in women and it usually appears at an average age of 55 years old. Its presence is higher among elderly (60 years old and over), but many cases are diagnosed in the 40s or even below. The rate of incidence increases dramatically with age: from 20 cases per 100,000 in total population to 120 cases per 100,000 in the population over 70 years old.
In Italy the disease affects about 2% of the population over 65. According to a study done by the Centre for Epidemiology of the Institute of Health, there are around 220,000 cases of Parkinson's disease in Italy.
Therefore it is necessary to identify specific pathways for a sustainable provision of care services to patients suffering from this disease. In this sense an important role might be played by tele-rehabilitation programs.

Objectives of project

According to FERB ONLUS requirements and based on previous considerations, the main objectives of this project are:

  • understand how MediaHospital® model can be adapted to the specific reality of FERB ONLUS clinical processes in relation to Parkinson's disease treatment and care;

  • develop and implement specific contents and exercises related to Parkinson’s disease;

  • integrate MediaHospital® in FERB ONLUS clinical and organizational processes so that it could develop the best of its potential;

  • promote, through the use of this platform, the activation of a home-based process of continuity of care for patients suffering from Parkinson's disease.


FERB ONLUS is an Italian foundation active at European level, which includes four European foundations. FERB ONLUS offers his vision in a moment of transition about the way healthcare is offered. It provides innovative managerial, organizational and technical models related to healthcare activities, social welfare and research.
The mission of FERB ONLUS is oriented toward ensuring the sustainability of the welfare and healthcare assistive programs related to acute illness and its potential complications, whatever the origin of impairment and disability may be.

Methodological approach

The project involves three main steps:

  1. Stage 1 – Set-up the MediaHospital® platform in FERB ONLUS;

  2. Stage 2 - Design and implementation of specific Neuro-cognitive exercises;

  3. Stage 3 - Design and development of contents related to areas such as Disease Education and Management, Motor Rehabilitation and Hospitalization aspects.


Start of project: May 2014.

Work in progress.